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I'm a woman of many pursuits; personal growth is my guiding star, whether it be through education, fitness or even spirituality.

I keep an open mind and have a holistic approach to life. I started meditating and living a mindful life at a young age, and introspection, healing and growth are the core passions in my life.

I love spreading that growth and healing mindset around me too - we elevate ourselves when we elevate others!

I work as a high school teacher with a cert. ed. and I work very heavily with coaching and guidance here.

I'm a RYT500 with a focus on wellness (meditation, restorative, Yoga Nidra), certified Reiki Master and certified Oracle Card reader. I'm also soon to be officially certified as a Life Coach and Spiritual Coach. I offer all these services for free on my YouTube channel, or through virtual 1-on-1s for a symbolic fee.

I love anything creative - from drawing to gaming and writing. I've had art published in a book, put on a car for a non-profit organization, I've written a column for a year and I've even designed for a fashion show.

Anything is possible - never limit yourself with self-constructed boundaries.

Mountains in Clouds

Why "Shakti Bond"?

Shakti is a Sanskrit word which means "power".

It is also connected to the Mother Goddess in Hinduism. In Shaktism - a major tradition of Hinduism - Shakti is synonymous with the primordial cosmic energy which propels the universe, which in turn can take on the personified form of a Goddess. The idea is that energy drives everything forward in creation, and everything is also made out of energy; it is a sense of primordial creation, which can manifest in the more relatable form of a Goddess such as Parvati, Durga or Kali (the same force, but different manifestations).

Even if one doesn't believe in the idea of an outer or inner divinity in the religious or spiritual sense, I think we can all connect to the idea of having an inner power - a Best Self - that we strive towards and can unleash with passion and creativity. 

Bond is a synonym to "union", and the meaning of yoga is just that: union. It also doesn't hurt that Bond is derived from my name! 

If you want to know more about who I am, and why I chose this name for my corner on the Internet, please visit my YouTube channel or Blog!


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